Farm Insurance

No dispute that Farming is hard work. Farmers have a lot of responsibilities. Let us help ease the responsibility of managing your risk on the farm. It’s a big task, but we’re up to the challenge. With our farm knowledge and outstanding farm products, we have every tool available to help properly manage the risks that your farming operation faces. From Property to Liability to Crop Insurance, we can effectively set up a risk management program to fit your specific operation.

We take pride in assisting our Farming Clients from initial quoting through final policy issuance. We’re with you every step of the way. And we don’t stop there. We are also hands on with frequent policy reviews and contact to make sure we’re staying ahead of the challenges. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen your current Agent or maybe you’ve seen your Agent change multiple times over the years; it might be time for a review with us. We’re here now;  just like we have been since 1973. A review and second opinion of your current coverage’s might be just what your farming operation needs. Give us a call to set up a time to review your current policies and we will give you an honest evaluation of your current coverages.


Crop Insurance

These day’s it seems like the input costs are higher than ever. With input costs fluctuating each year, it becomes a difficult task to anticipate profitability on the farm. Crop Insurance is a highly effective risk management tool that will help you anticipate income in the spring. Many people don’t know that MPCI is the same price now matter which Company or Agent you have. It all comes down to service. We don’t send you the forms and expect you to fill them out and hope for the best. We meet with our Clients to fill out each form whether it’s a change on the application in the spring or sitting down and going through the 578’s at acreage reporting. You’re not alone with us.

We represent Farmers Mutual Hail to help our Clients select and manage the right products that best suits your individual operation. From the latest products to claim time, FMH is going to be here for you, just like us. If you find yourself frustrated having to fill out all of the forms by yourself or if you feel like just a number to your Agent, give us a call. We think you will be impressed!


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